You name it, we can clean it!

Carpet Cleaning

You name it, we can clean it! Nylon, olefin, wool, polyester; whatever you have, we can clean it.  Carpeting has changed over the years and so have our methods.  With the recent upgrades in carpet cleaning technology, we can clean carpets faster with fewer chemicals and less water.  This leads to faster dry times, diminished odors, and better results.

Our Method

All jobs begin with a walkthrough to discuss areas that need to be cleaned, along with any trouble spots.  We laser measure all rooms to give you the most accurate price.  Before any work is started, we will provide you with a total price that won’t change unless you ask for something extra.  If you choose to only have walkways done, you only pay for walkways, not the whole room.  We pride ourselves on not “upselling” or being pushy to buy more.  The only extras you will be asked about are Pet Treatment and Carpet Protectant.

Once the walkthrough is complete, we will set up our wall protectors and lay towels wherever necessary.  Then, a technician will pre-spray all areas with our propriety blend to loosen dirt.  If you requested Pet Treatment, those areas will be pre-treated as well.

While the pre-treatment is working, another technician will be connecting hoses back to the truck to get started.  Our truck-mounted steam-cleaning machines use filtered, pre-softened water heated to 230 degrees and clean at 500 PSI.  Our cleaning solution is about 95% steam and 5% rinsing agent.  Any spots that need extra treatment will be addressed while cleaning.

Once the cleaning is finished, the lead technician will walk through and post-treat any problem areas and make sure all furniture that was moved is properly set on protectors.

Only after the job is completely done, and we are all packed up, do we expect payment.

Pricing for Residential Carpet Cleaning: 

Furnished – $0.30/sq.ft
Vacant – $0.25/sq.ft.
Stairs – $3 per step or $35 per flight (13-15 steps)
$100 minimum

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