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Pet Treatment

When your pet has an accident, we do our best to make it like it never happened.  Our first step is to treat the area with a neutralizing agent that helps bring the pH level of the stain to one suitable for our other cleaning products to work.  Once rinsed with the 230-degree water, we will treat the spot with one of our spot removers specifically designed for pet stains.  After cleaning has been completed, areas are post-treated with a different agent that can help neutralize odor and staining as the carpet dries.

While this process has been perfected over the years, not all areas respond to the treatment.  Our technicians are pretty good at recognizing how these areas will respond and what to expect.

Pricing for Residential Carpet Treatments:

Scotchguard – up to 500 sq ft $50, 500-1000 sq ft $75, 1000 sq ft+ $100
Broad Spectrum plant based microbial– $0.10/sq.ft (excludes remediation pricing)
Pet treatment – up to 500 sq ft $50, 500-1000 sq ft $75, 1000 sq ft+ $100
(pre-treat animal spots, clean with deodorizer, post-treat spots)

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