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Spot Removal

We have specialized spot removal methods for almost any stain.  We currently have specialized products for Red Dye #5 (food grade dye), rust, red wine, coffee, tea, pet stains, ink, blood, vomit, mold, mildew, paint, oil, grease, and many more stains.  While most stains will come out completely or at least lighten considerably, there is a chance we will not be able to get them out.  Stain removal is dependent on many factors including carpet condition and how long the stain has been there.

Pricing for Residential Carpet Treatments:

Scotchguard – up to 500 sq ft $50, 500-1000 sq ft $75, 1000 sq ft+ $100
Broad Spectrum plant based microbial– $0.10/sq.ft (excludes remediation pricing)
Pet treatment – up to 500 sq ft $50, 500-1000 sq ft $75, 1000 sq ft+ $100
(pre-treat animal spots, clean with deodorizer, post-treat spots)

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