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Wood Floor Cleaning

Ann Arbor Rug and Carpet Cleaning now offers wood floor cleaning services.  Our three-step process scrubs away dirt and grime from your floors.  Technicians start by spraying a degreaser specifically designed to loosen dirt from wood floors with minimal moisture.  We then use a counter-rotating brush to scrub away dirt and grime.  Finally, we use our wood floor cleaning machine to extract the slurry and clean the floor with an alcohol-based cleaner that helps dry out any moisture left.  As an added feature, we can lay down a hardwood floor refinisher that helps add shine back to your floor.  Floors usually dry in 30 minutes, and floors can be walked on within an hour.

Pricing for Tile Grout & Hard Surface Cleaning:

Wood – $0.75/sq.ft.
Tile Grout – $0.75/sq.ft
Concrete – $0.75/sq.ft
Vinyl – $0.75/sq.ft
Stone/Slate – Estimate Only

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